Crnadak: BiH is miles away from its Candidate Status for the EU Membership

”The path of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) towards Europe is slowed down since no substantial progress has been made in the areas where it is most expected and which would have the greatest effect on citizens, ” told the chairman of the Committee for European Integration and Regional Cooperation of the Republika Srpska (RS) National Assembly, and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Igor Crnadak.

“There is no effect when it comes to the anti-corruption fight, on the general recommendations concerning the rule of law. Everything is stopped when it comes to the Law on Conflict of Interest, the Election Law, and the topic of public procurement, and we also have the political issue of public broadcasters. Many things are most expected to be solved, ” said Crnadak said on the show “BHT1 live”.

He stressed that it was all a mix of negative facts, which is why it is obvious that BiH is still miles away from its candidate status for membership in the European Union (EU).

“The fact is that out of 14 recommendations, based on which a decision on the candidate status of BiH will be made, only one has been implemented – the one referring to Mostar, on the abolition of the death penalty in the RS. That is not a small thing, but it is far from enough, ” Crnadak stated.

When it comes to the expectation of the Head of the EU delegation in BiH, Johann Sattler, about the need for stronger engagement of political parties in power in order for BiH to get closer to the EU, Crnadak points out that it is a sure thing, but that he is also a bit skeptical because, as he says, many chances and years were lost.

What Crnadak considers positive is the attitude that the EU now has towards BiH, which no longer contains “rotten compromises that did not give any results” and which were not in favor of the people who live here.

“The good thing is that the pressure and focus that the EU puts on us is now much more meaningful and specific, and it is clear that there will be no candidate status or financial assistance if there is no continuation of reforms and progress in BiH,” Crnadak emphasized.

He explained that BiH now needs support to seriously open the issue of the anti-corruption and the rule of law because the biggest problem that BiH has is the general insecurity of citizens and lack of trust in institutions, which is the main reason for them to leave this country, BHRT writes.

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