Creating Unique Wall Clocks

zidni satAleksandar Matić is engaged in designing and creating unique wall clocks. These clocks because of its originality and beauty have ended up even in Australia.

Aleksander, who works as a DJ, with the idea to create clocks came five years ago when he wanted to buy a Clock, but everything what he liked was too expensive, and that is how he decided to try making one.

He opened his shop but closed it due to the high duties. Now, he works in his room, and arranges sales through Facebook, phone or by recommendations. He points,  that there are always buyers and customers keep coming back.

I have exhibited my works at the Gallery of Contemporary Art, currently exposing them to various design flea markets in the region“, said Matić.

His wife helps him with the work.

Prices of Clocks are from 30 KM to 200 KM, depending on the size of the clock and materials invested on it.

 (Source: Nezavisne Novine)


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