Covic had several Bilateral Meeting in New York

dragan covicChairman of the B&H Presidency, Dragan Covic had bilateral meetings in New York with the King of Jordan, the special delegate of the Secretary general of the UN for sexual violence in conflicts and the delegation of the National federation of Croatian-American cultural foundation.

He met with the King of Jordan, Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein. During the meeting, they emphasized that relations of B&H and Jordan are at the high level, but that it should be worked more on intensifying the economic cooperation. They also talked about the possibilities of investments in B&, especially in energy, food production, tourism, and connection of entrepreneurs of these two countries.

King of Jordan expressed the readiness to ensure significant international investments with his personal engagement, especially from countries of the European Union. Chairman Covic said that he informed him about activities of B&H at the path towards the EU, and said that the stabilization of the situation in B&H, Balkans, and wider, is of a key importance for the peace and stability. King of Jordan expressed his support to B&H at the path towards the EU, and emphasized that B&H is part of the Europe.

It was talked about the held Summit of leaders on the theme of fight against ISIS and the violent extremism. They also emphasized the importance of the participation of B&H as an equal partner in important global issues. They also talked about the current refugee crisis, that has an impact on the occasions in the region and wider, as well as other important issues. King of Jordan invited Covic to visit Jordan in order to concretize agreements related to the realization of the expressed support to B&H.

During his visit to New York, Covic also met with the special delegate of the Secretary General of the UN for sexual violence in conflicts. Zanaibe Hawe Bangura. Bangura informed Covic about activities throughout the work that are being carried out in that context. She expressed a gratitude with the positive efforts B&H is undertaking in order to solve this problem.

(Source: novi.ba)

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