Covic: Council of Ministers will be formed after September

President of HDZ party Dragan Covic, after the session of the HDZ Presidency, spoke about the formation of government at the state, entity and cantonal level. 

“We have all the prerequisites for the formation of the Council of Ministers for five months, but nothing will be done until September 14th, when the SDA Congress will be held,” Covic said, adding that the SDA would speak more transparent about the government. 

He said when it comes to the Federal Government, he gave Prime Minister Fadil Novalic and Deputy Jelka Milicevic to make a program of the future government and to put the Electoral Law as the first item.

“They will not deal with the Election Law because it is not their job, but it is the first point of this package of reforms to establish the Federal Government. They have worked together for four years, it is logical for them to come up with the most credible and more meaningful program for the next four years,” he said adding that nothing would happen before September when it comes to establishing a government, News Agency Patria reports.

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