Covic and Zvizdic met with EU Enlargement and Neighborhood Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi


Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina Denis Zvizdic and Speaker of the House of Peoples Dragan Covic spoke on Monday in Brussels with the European Union Enlargement and Neighborhood Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi about the current political situation, positive relations and the steps Bosnia-Herzegovina is taking on its European Union way.

Speakers Zvizdic and Covic expressed their complete commitment for Bosnia-Herzegovina to further advance the process of European integration, economic development, strengthen the rule of law and improve relations in the region, with particular focus on the realization of the conditions for obtaining candidate status.

Zvizdic said that European integrations are the most effective instrument for embracing European values, preserving stability, accelerating the process of economic growth and development, as well as cooperation in the region.

Covic stressed the importance of European integrations in light of strengthening Bosnia’s internal stability, as well as the fact that the Bosnian Council of Ministers was formed, which created the conditions for continued activities to realize the priorities on the path of European integration.

In this regard, Covic expressed his expectation that an electoral law would be agreed by the beginning of April this year, which would also enable the holding of elections in Mostar.

Commissioner Varhelyi also stressed that the upcoming summit in Zagreb, during the Croatian Presidency of the European Union, is an opportunity to focus on the Western Balkans region and to stimulate the development of education and the economy.  He highlighted concerns about the influx of migrants into the region.

Covic and Zvizdic said the country is facing a migrant problem and that Bosnia-Herzegovina continues to expect EU assistance, as well as increased involvement of all institutions to bring migrants’ entry and movement under control.

Stressing the need for dialogue, cooperation and political stability, all interlocutors highlighted that reforms are a key step towards ensuring the conditions for achieving concrete steps towards meeting foreign policy goals, Radio Sarajevo reports.


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