Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina to hold a Hearing in Case of Former Bosnian Security Minister


The Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina will hold a hearing on Thursday, following a proposal by the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia-Herzegovina, in case of Dragan Mektic, the former Minister of Security.

Mektic is accused of committing a crime of high corruption by abusing office and authority.

Even though SDS party MP in the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Dragan Mektic, stated earlier that the Court of BiH refused to confirm the indictment against him, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH denied this information today.

In a brief press release from the Prosecution, it was stated the the court confirmed the indictment against Mektic.

“The Prosecution has today received a confirmed indictment and a notification from a preliminary hearing judge of the Court of BiH, confirming the indictment in the case against Dragan Mektic and others in its entirety with respect to all indictees,” the BiH Prosecutor’s Office said.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH has indicted former BiH Minister of Security Dragan Mektic and three others for abuse of office, causing the total damage of 244,764 BAM according to the indictment.

Yesterday, Mektic stated that the Court of BiH refused to confirm the indictment and returned it to the Prosecution, and announced that, given the indictments against him, he would take all measures and file criminal charges for false accusation and a report to the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Disciplinary Prosecutor of the Council of BiH.

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