Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina proposed Ban to former Bosnian Security Minister


The Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina proposed measures of ban to former Bosnian Minister of Security in the Council of Ministers, Dragan Mektic, who is charged with abuse of office and authority.

It was suggested for Mektic to be prohibited from meeting witnesses, ie by telephone or communication with witnesses through mediators. Prohibition of witnesses from approaching 100 meters was also requested, as well as a ban on communicating with the media on the case.

Prohibition measures have also been proposed for Edin Garaplija, owner of the Institute for Protection against Fire and Explosions (INZA) Sarajevo, and a ban on participation in all projects related to the Ministry of Security.

The prosecution dropped the measure banning Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Security Samir Agic, since he was suspended by the ministry’s decision pending completion of the proceedings.

The Defense Counsel for the accused challenged the motions as unfounded and confused. Mektic’s lawyer, Senka Nozica, told the Court that the indictment against her defense counsel was mounted because he criticized the work of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office and the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, and that this was a misdemeanor, not an abuse of office. According to her, it was not possible to damage the budget in this procedure because it was a donor funds.


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