Court of BiH: Zoran Mamic will not be extradited to Croatia

At the hearing in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina yesterday, the international arrest warrant of the Republic of Croatia against Zoran Mamic was discussed.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina decided not to comply with Croatia’s request that Mamic be placed in temporary custody, but decided to confiscate his documents and ban him from leaving BiH territory.

Mamic’s lawyer Zdravko Rajic emphasized that his client is a free citizen, as well as that for the purpose of proving BH citizenship submitted all necessary documents to Interpol, the Court of BiH and other institutions.

”It is important to point out that in 150 cases of requests for assignment of execution of sentences between BiH and Croatia, this is the first case where Croatia disputes the extradition of BiH, although Zoran Mamic has residence, citizenship and personal documents of BiH. We believe that Croatia is acting contrary to the Agreement on Mutual Execution of Criminal Court Decisions,” said Rajic.

The possible extradition of Mamic was not discussed at the Court of BiH, given the fact that Croatia has not yet sent an official request for that.

Zoran Mamic was sentenced in Croatia to four years and eight months in prison for withdrawing money from the Dinamo football club.

SIPA arrested him in Medjugorje on the basis of an international red warrant issued at the request of Interpol in Zagreb with the aim of extradition to Croatia in order to execute a court verdict.

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