Court of BiH rejected all Three Appeals for New Counting of Votes in Mostar Elections

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina rejected all three appeals against the decision of the Central Election Commission (CEC) on the results of the elections in Mostar and the requests for a new counting of votes in that city, said the Spokesperson of the CEC, Maksida Piric.

She stated that the CEC of BiH, on Thursday, January 14, made a new decision on changing the results of the elections in Mostar, and the deadline for appeals was two days.

“The CEC of BiH received three appeals – Platforms for Progress, SDP and Our Party. They stated on the decision on the determined results that the CEC should count all other polling stations again. The CEC of BiH submitted that appeal to the Court of BiH yesterday with our statement, and today we received the decision that the appeals were rejected, “said Piric.

The CEC of BiH could hold a session today, at which the results of the elections for Mostar should be confirmed.

The elections in Mostar raised numerous complaints about the results. According to the last decision of the CEC, in the elections held on December 20, HDZ BiH won 13 seats, 11 Coalitions for Mostar, six BH blocs, three HRS, and one list “Stay Here” and the First Mostar Party.

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