Court of BiH decides on Custody for Darko Elez

On 20th August this year, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued a Decision repealing the Court’s Decision dated 30th January 2017 in relation to the accused Darko Elez, so that the accused Darko Elez is ordered into custody of a maximum of three years, which means until 19 August 2024 or pending a new decision of the Court.

“He was ordered into custody in the Puppet case, as we requested, and Elez and his lawyer have the right to appeal this decision of the Court of BiH,” Dubravko Campara explained to SRNA.

At yesterday’s hearing, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina requested that Darko Elez be remanded in custody for three years for the criminal offenses charged in the case called “Puppet”, after Elez was extradited from Serbia to BiH.

At the beginning of March, after Darko Elez was extradited from Serbia to BiH, it was decided that his detention could not be ordered due to the “Puppet” case, but his detention was ordered due to criminal acts documented by the Republika Srpska Ministry of Interior.

Elez is awaiting trial before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on charges of a number of crimes in East Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, including mafia murders, extortion, intimidation and other crimes, and was extradited from Serbia, where he lived after serving a prison sentence in Serbia.

Elez has been confirmed in the “Puppet” indictment, which charges him with organized crime in connection with several serious crimes, including aggravated murder, attempted murder, money laundering and other crimes committed in the period from 2005 to 2009.

Extradition on these charges was previously rejected by the courts, because the extradition agreement between Serbia and BiH was not in force at that time.

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