Court in Sarajevo: Not wearing Masks is not a Violation of Law




The Municipal Court in Sarajevo rejected a large number of misdemeanor charges of the Ministry of the Interior against citizens for not wearing protective masks, Vijesti.ba news portal has learned.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Canton Sarajevo Ministry of the Interior issued more than 3,500 fines for violating prohibition measures.

Some of the penalties were for violating curfew, not wearing masks and other violations of prohibitive measures. Many citizens paid fines in the amount of 500 BAM, while a large number of citizens refused to pay the fine, so the Ministry of the Interior filed misdemeanor charges against them to the Municipal Court in Sarajevo.

The document of the Court, which Vijesti.ba has in our possession, confirms that the Court has ruled that there is no basis for the misdemeanor liability of persons who refused to pay the fine for not wearing masks.

To recall, the decision on the mandatory wearing of masks was made only a day after the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that there is no evidence that wearing masks protects citizens from infection with the virus.

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