The Court approved the Request of Bosniak Children to call their Language Bosnian

The Basic Court in Srebrenica made a decision in favor of parents and children from Konjevic-Polje in the case of achieving their rights to call their language Bosnian.

The court accepted the lawsuit and gave the right to children and their parents to call their language “Bosnian”, the right to use textbooks in the education process in the Bosnian language and to use Bosnian language in the education process in both written and verbal form, as well as the right to use a Latin script, as confirmed by the attorney Nedim Ademovic.

The respondent was ordered to start the activities of eliminating discrimination in a way to enable the educational system to the claimant in their native Bosnian language within the regular curriculum and to provide them textbooks written in the Bosnian language and the Latin script, with the content that will preserve the cultural and national identity, language and religion of the claimant and develop the conciseness of their identity.

The respondent is obliged to compensate the costs of the dispute in the amount of 3,744 BAM, within 15 days.

Parents of children from Konjevic-Polje opposed to the plan and program of the education system of Republika Srpska, which disabled studying of the national group of courses or teaching in the Bosnian language.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)



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