Couple Blatter crossed 1,500 kilometers on their Bikes to arrive in Sarajevo

Yesterday on Wilson’s promenade was welcomed couple Ulrike and Joachim Blatter who crossed more than 1,500 kilometers from the German city of Gottmadingen to Sarajevo.

Through this journey, they wanted to emphasize the problems that children and young people in BiH are facing with and to promote the importance of prospects in the country.

“We departed from Gottmadingen on August 28, and there were rainy days during that time, so we had to stay in Austria for four days in one place because we could not drive any further. We traveled slowly and crossed between 60 and 80 kilometers a day in average, and we arrived in BiH six days ago,” said Ulrike Blatter.

Their goal, as they said, is to meet as many young people as possible and discuss issues of youth migration in the world. This story also has a humanitarian character, as they raised funds to support the project “Older brother, older sister” during the trip. Employees and volunteers from the Association for prevention of addiction “Narko-NE”, which are involved in the implementation of the project “Older brother, older sister”, gave symbolic medals to Blatters.

“It was a special experience and a great challenge for us, and not only in the context of the campaign but personally as well. The message we want to send with this campaign is what we have been doing for 20 years – promotion of the position of young people in BiH, we want to address issues they have and to give a contribution to the improvement of the position of young people,” said Joachim Blatter.

Ulrike Blatter is a doctor and a great humanitarian who participates in projects related to helping children in BiH, especially children who are on the margins of society and who need help the most.

(Source: akta.ba)

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