A Couple from Banja Luka created an App which warns on Terrorist Attacks

A married couple from Banja Luka Drazen and Ivana Zigic with their colleague from Belgrade Stefan Serbedzija are the creators of an application for smart phone called Ping, which warns users of terrorist attacks, natural disasters and other dangers in their proximity.

The app was published about 15 days ago and 20,000 people across the world downloaded it since and are sharing information about possible dangers in their surroundings.

Drazen and Ivana finished the Electrotechnical Faculty in Banja Luka and, like Stefan, live in Zurich, Switzerland, where they developed their idea and realized it. According to Drazen, Ping is free and accessible to everyone in the world, while the idea for that application was born several years ago when the couple was planning a trip to Paris, where a terrorist attack occurred.

“That attack was the wind beneath our winds and was really the impetus for us to think of something like this since we couldn’t find anything similar on the Internet,” Zigic said, adding that their idea was welcomed by many.

This is just the beginning. Our plans are much larger. Currently, we only have an Android version, but, with the help of potential investors, we’ll make it even better with much more content and possibilities. Our intent is to adapt the software to smart cars and watches, as well,” Zigic said.

The logic of the app is that when someone notices a danger, you can with one click warn others in a diameter of several kilometers know about it. The app has marked many warnings from people across the world. According to Ivana, one of the warnings was one for the storms in America, as well as shootings and robberies, as well as various warning for Indians.

“Because of her importance, we plan to make it possible to use the app without Internet. It can happen that the user doesn’t have access to the Internet, but the information is very important,” she said.

According to her observations, the most users of this app are in India, while tens of residents of BiH and Serbia have downloaded the app, mainly their acquaintances.

“At one point, we were number five on the list of the best free social apps,” she says.

In order to increase the security of all the world’s residents, Stefan Serbedzija says that they’ll try to connect the app with government institutions, such as police, firefighters and first aid, so that people in danger could contact them more easily.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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