In which Countries BH Firms have completed Works of 122 Million BAM?

Construction companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) have completed works worth 122.7 million BAM abroad during last year, which is 5.6 percent more than in the year before.

Out of the total value of completed works in 2017, 34.6 percent of works refer to high-rise buildings (42.4 million BAM) and 65.4 percent to low-rise buildings (80.2 million BAM).

Observed by the type of construction works:

High-rise buildings are present only in the European countries.

Low-rise buildings are most present in the European countries (67.4 percent), followed by African countries (32.5 percent) and Asian countries (0.1 percent).

The highest value of works was realized in Montenegro, with the value of 23.7 million BAM, in Croatia 21.1 million BAM, and in Slovenia 20.2 million BAM.

In Germany, BH firms have completed works worth 12.3 million BAM, in Serbia for 7.7 million BAM, while there were no such works in Albania last year, compared to 2016, according to the latest data of the Agency for Statistics of BiH.

It is interesting that our firms in Iceland have carried out works worth 5 million BAM, and in Sweden for 4.4 million BAM.

Works worth 11.2 million BAM were completed in Algeria, while the value of works in Ethiopia was 12.3 million BAM.



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