Councilors of Bihac City Council give Green Light for the construction of BBI Gallery

The city councilors of Bihac City Council at one of the last sessions gave a green light for building the BBI gallery shopping center in Bihac.

According to the investor, after construction, there should be 150 employees and 15 companies. The plan is to build this facility in two years.

The former cinema Una, in the very center of Bihac, in recent years, is a place where stray dogs are gathered. In the future, a BBI gallery will be built.

The plan started some four years ago when this site was bought by BBI Real Estate for 1.1 million BAM. Although the locals of the surrounding buildings have expressed their dissatisfaction at public hearings, the city councilors of Bihac, at one of the last sessions, have estimated that building of the shopping center is in the interest of the city.

Investors argue that the Gallery will provide, among other things, new jobs, both during and after the construction itself. They say the engagement will be offered primarily to local companies.

The surface area will be 8,000 square meters gross, news portal reports.

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