Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina allocated 7 million BAM for Svilaj Border Crossing



The Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina has adopted the document on Socioeconomic Reforms in Bosnia-Herzegovina for the period 2020-2022 previously adopted by Republika Srpska and Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina Governments, the Council of Ministers announced.

“The Economic Reform Program for 2020-2022 is designed according to the guidelines of the European Commission and contains a medium-term macroeconomic and fiscal policy framework, including fiscal measures, and a comprehensive structural reform program to improve the country’s growth and competitiveness,” the statemet said.

In addition, the Council of Ministers awarded seven million BAM for the construction of the Svilaj – Donji Svilaj border crossing.

“The funds will be secured partly from succession funds based on clearing debt from the Russian Federation in 2020, and partly from the budget in 2021,” it was stressed.

It has also been announced that two decisions of the Constitutional Court of BiH on salaries and benefits have been implemented in judicial and prosecutorial institutions, which introduce benefits for meal, transportation from work to work, accommodation and separated life in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Salaries and Benefits in BiH institutions and related by-laws.

“More than three million BAM have been paid from the budget of the institutions of BiH for these benefits because of the received judgments for exercising the rights of the employees of the judiciary in accordance with the decisions of the Constitutional Court of BiH”.

In addition, Serbia and BiH have drawn up a proposal for an agreement on joint maintenance of bridges between the two countries.

BiH Council of Ministers also decides on the approval of a multi-year bridge maintenance project on the border with Croatia.


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