Council of Ministers of BiH to hold Session Today

The draft budget of institutions and international obligations of Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2021 will be discussed at today’s session of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the adopted Global Fiscal Framework, the budget for this year has been increased and will amount to 1.27 billion BAM, while 843 million BAM will be allocated for the external debt this year.

Direct deductions from the single account for BiH institutions amount to 780 million BAM, while the rest are own revenues.

BiH Minister of Finance and Treasury Vjekoslav Bevanda previously announced that this year’s budget should be adopted at the session and sent to the BiH Presidency, which is the constitutional proposer, and then it should be adopted by both houses of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly. The Ministers also have before them the Proposal of the Decision on the amount of the base for calculating the salary of employees in the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2021, which envisages the base to be 498 BAM, which is four percent more than now, and it is about returning the base to the 2012 year.

The Ministers also have before them the Proposal of the Decision on the Establishment of the Supervisory Body for Monitoring the Implementation of the Revised State Strategy for Work on War Crimes Cases, which is obliged to report to the Council of Ministers on war crimes proceedings four times a year.

The main goal of the strategy is to prosecute war crimes by 2023, and two years have already been lost waiting for the document to be passed, but Justice Minister Josip Grubesa told Fena earlier that he has assurances from BiH prosecutors that he will be able to complete all cases within the stipulated time. Among other things, the agenda includes the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Public Procurement proposed by the BiH Public Procurement Agency and draft grant agreements for Corridor Vc 2 for subsection Buna – Pocitelj and subsection Tunnel Zenica – Donja Gracanica) between BiH and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Consideration of the document “Implementation of the Reform Program of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019-2020”, prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH, will also be before the state ministers.

A statement on the Information on the assessment of inter-institutional cooperation during the Covid-19 pandemic and the Information on the situation in the field of migration for November 2020, as well as the Information on the implementation of a multi-year capital project on the purchase of accommodation facilities in BiH institution.

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