Council of Ministers gives Green Light for Introduction of 4G Network

The Council of Ministers of BiH, at the proposal of the Communications Regulatory Agency, has issued a Decision on licenses to use the radio frequency spectrum to provide services through mobile access systems.

This decision makes it possible to introduce the 4G network in BiH, and mobile operators are committed to improving their services, which include better service and coverage of the territory and road communications in BiH.

Licenses are issued by the BiH Communications Regulatory Agency and granted to existing licensed mobile operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a period of 15 years.

The operator is obliged to pay a total of 17.5 million BAM in five equal annual installments from 2019 onwards.

These funds will be focused in the next five years for the development of the area of transport and communication, and the specific purpose will be determined by the Council of Ministers of BiH.

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