Council of Ministers adopted a Report on the Budget Execution of the Institutions of B&H

council of ministersThe Council of Ministers of B&H adopted a Report on the Budget Execution of the Institutions of B&H and the international duties of B&H for the period January-June 2015, which the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of B&H will deliver to the B&H Presidency and the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H.

Total achieved incomes, revenues and funds available to the institutions of B&H in the relevant period amount to 523.910.053 BAM or 55% compared to the planned funds for this year. Out of that, 481.302.772 BAM are achieved incomes and support for funding institutions, more precisely: incomes from the Unique account of the UIO for funding institutions of B&H (367.704.162 BAM), non-tax revenues (105.402.453 BAM), current transfers from abroad (7.869.768 BAM) and transfers from other government levels (326.389 BAM).

Institutions of B&H continued with the austerity measures related to the gross salaries and allowances for employees, and additional savings on material costs were achieved. Besides that, a moratorium on the employment in the institutions of B&H was adopted, except in exceptional cases that have to be approved by the Council of Ministers of B&H. In that case, institutions at the state level met all agreed conditions from the Letter of Intent for the realization of the stand by arrangement with the International Monetary Fund.

The total executed expenditures of the Budget of institutions of B&H in the first half of 2015 amount to 411.889.161 BAM or 43% compared to the adopted budget for 2015 without the designated funds, i.e. 34% compared to the adjusted one that includes additional designated funds. In the structure of expenditures, 404.695.901 BAM or 98.25% of the total expenditures is related to the budget users. Direct transfers from the Unique account of the treasury were carried out in the amount of 7.152.260 BAM or 1.74% of the share, and reservations in the amount of 41.00 BAM or 0.01% of the share in total expenditures. In the period from 1st January to 30th June, arrived obligations on the external debt were serviced fully and on time, in the total amount of 301.03 million BAM, as announced from the Council of Ministers of B&H.

(Source: klix.ba)

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