Council of Europe Activities at This Year’s SFF Will Be Presented on Thursday

sff (1)This year’s focus of the Council of Europe at the Sarajevo Film Festival and films that are financed by Eurimages-Fund of the Council of Europe will be presented on Thursday in Sarajevo.

On this occasion, the rest of the programs and activities of the Council of Europe will be presented at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

The Council of Europe has been supporting the Council of Europe for the fifth year in a row and is the main sponsor of the Heart of Sarajevo award for the best film at the Festival.

Head of the Council of Europe to BIH Mary Ann Hennessey will make an address, as well as Director of Sarajevo Film Festival Mirsad Purivatra and the Representative of Eurimages for BIH Jovan Marjanović.

The presentation will be held in the garden of the Economics Faculty in Sarajevo starting at 10:00, announced the Council of Europe Office in Sarajevo.

(Source: SFF)

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