Council of Ministers of BiH established 33 Groups in the System of Coordination Mechanism

council-of-ministersCouncil of Ministers of BiH, on the proposal of the Directorate for European Integration, adopted the Decision on the institutional appointment of working groups in the system of coordination of the process of European integrations in BiH in accordance with the EU acquis.

With this decision, a total of 33 working groups were established in accordance with the EU acquis. Working groups include representatives of relevant institutions, ministries and administrative bodies at all levels of government in BiH, in accordance with their constitutional competencies in the area within which the working group is established.

The Council of Ministers accepted the initiative of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH and determined the delegation for negotiations for the conclusion of the Loan Agreement between BiH and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) for the project of strengthening of the banking sector.

The loan is worth 60 million USD, and the funds will be allocated in an equal amount of 30 million USD for the FBiH and the RS, with a repayment period up to 30 years and a grace period of 17 years, including a favorable EURIBOR interest.

In this way, they want to improve work of the banking sector by improving capacities for regulation, supervision, and restructuring of banks, strengthen the management of the entity development banks and create better conditions for dealing with weakness in this sector.

Council of Ministers of BiH established and will refer on the further procedure to the Presidency of BiH the Draft Agreement between the Swiss Confederation, represented by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Police FDJP, represented by the State Secretariat for Migrations SEM, and BiH, represented by the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops represented by the CRS in BiH.



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