What is the Cost of every convicted Prisoner in the FBiH on a Daily Basis?

Correctional facilities in the FBiH are not completely filled, and a total of 1750 persons are currently staying in them. They are mostly convicted for robberies, thefts and punishments related to the possession, use and sale of narcotics, as stated by the Minister of Justice of the FBiH Mato Jozic, noting that their one day in prison costs 60 BAM.

According to him, the official capacity of the correctional facilities in the FBiH is 1996 persons.

The total number of persons (those convicted, detained and under the custody with electronic surveillance) is 1902 males and 65 female persons.

The oldest prisoner is 78 years old, and his imprisonment will expire when he is 82 years old, while the youngest prisoner is 18 years old. There are two underage prisoners as well.

When it comes to the state prison, Minister Jozic noted that its putting into function will significantly reduce the burden on the correctional facilities in the FBiH, since its capacities are intended to accommodate a total of 350 prisoners.

According to available information, the state prison will satisfy all the standards and requirements for accommodation of prisoners, as stated by minister.

“The construction of a new prison was also started in Mostar, and its accommodation capacities are intended for 400 prisoners. Moreover, the construction of new facilities in the CI Zenica-9 pavilion is planned in the future period with the IPA Funds, and it will offer a capacity of 200 places,” stated Minister of Justice of the FBiH, Mato Jozic.

(Source: fokus.ba)


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