Coronavirus took 349 Lives in Bosnia in the last​ Ten Days

In the last ten days, the coronavirus took 349 lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to data from the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The past 24 hours brought us another black record, this time in the number of deaths, there were as many as 73 (52 in Federation of BiH, 19 Republika Srpska, 2 Brcko District).

So far, the coronavirus has killed a total of 1,583 people in BiH (983 FBiH, 560 RS, 40 Brcko) and infected 63,419 (39,945 FBiH, 22,637 RS, 837 Brcko), Vijesti.ba writes.

On the last day of October, we had 1,234 deaths (792 FBiH, 416 RS, 26 Brčko), and to date, in the past ten days, another 349 lives were lost (191 FBiH, 144 RS, 14 Brcko District).

Also, in the observed period, the number of confirmed cases of corona increased from 50,090 to 63,419, which means that in ten days we recorded 13,329 newly infected (8,274 FBiH, 4,791 RS, 264 Brcko District).

A total of 346,573 people have been tested in BiH so far, 31,222 have recovered from the coronavirus, and we currently have 30,614 active cases.

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