Coronavirus Cases in Bosnia and Herzegovina rise to 83!


In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 14 new cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed on Friday, was confirmed by the Republika Srpska Ministry of Health Alen Seranic, Klix.ba news portal reports.

The infected are eight men and six women. He said there were 11 from Banja Luka, one from Derventa, one from Celinac and one from Gradiska. He pointed out that 12 people were from the third cluster from Banja Luka.

“It’s a hotspot that is still expanding. We are monitoring them all and trying to take control. In addition to the third cluster, another got a virus from a family member and one came from Austria,” said Seranic.

He stated that few came from abroad and were infected which meant that border controls were well monitored.

“I ask the citizens not to make artificial shortages of medicines. For now, the market for medicines is stable. There is a possibility of individual and immediate shortages of some medicines, but the continuity of supply is good and we will try to continue to do so,” the minister added.

In new cases, the number of infected people in our country has increased to 83.

The situation by cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina is as follows: Banja Luka – 45, Mostar – 6, Zenica – 4, Konjic – 9, Čelinac – 3, Laktaši – 2, Bihać – 2, Tesanj – 1, Orašje – 1, Goražde – 1 , Srbac – 1, Prnjavor – 1, Pond -1, Modrica – 1, Bosanska Dubica – 1, Prijedor – 1 and Bijeljina – 1, Derventa – 1, Gradiška – 1.

Thus, in Republika Srpska, 59 cases have now been identified and in the Federation of BiH 24 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported.



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