Cormack: If they have a Job, young People will stay in BiH

The Ambassador of the US to BiH, Maureen Cormack, visited Posavina Canton and talked with the mayors of Odzak, Domaljevac-Samac and Orasje about the challenges that those local communities are facing with.

Cormack said that they discussed education and finding a job in order for young people to stay in BiH, and they also referred to economic development and infrastructure issues.

“We talked about how important it is to solve the problems in education in order for young people to find a job and stay in BiH,” she noted.

This is the first visit by the US Ambassador to Posavina Canton, and she noted that it is very important for her to get introduced to the situation in the entire BiH.

The Mayor of the municipality Domaljevac-Samac Mario Jurkic added that they talked about the customs terminal in Samac and other economic topics, the construction of the spa-rehabilitation center in Domaljevac, which should contribute to the opening of new workplaces and “decrease” the emigration of young people.

The Mayor of the municipality Orasje Stanko Vincetic stated that they discussed waste disposal in local communities as well.

(Source: klix.ba)


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