”Čorba od kanarinca” opened FAMA

The premiere performance of Jovana Đokić and Rok Radiša’s drama entitled “Čorba od kanarinca”, on Thursday, officially opened the Festival of authorial miniature (FAMA).

This festival as well as the premier performance of the drama ”Čorba od kanarinca” was held at the Banja Luka Youth Center. The audience supported the young actors who performed this drama and marked one of the most important steps in their future carries- their faculty graduation.

” I am very happy because the audience gave us so much support. I am also very satisfied that all ideas of the drama were successfully transferred to the audience”- sadi Đokić.

FAMA will be closed on Sunday evening with the award show and a drama performance ” Rekvijum za ljubav” that will be staged in honor of the awarded artists. The organizers of the festival are the Banja Luka ”DIS” Theater and Youth Club Banja Luka.



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