Convoy of Humanitarian Aid departed to Syria: 340 tons of Flour from BiH for Refugees

convoyYesterday morning from Brijesnica departed the third, so far the largest humanitarian aid convoy to Syria. The convoy consists of 16 truckloads of domestic, humanitarian, non-governmental organization MFS-EMMAUS, which are carrying a donation of 340 tons of flour, 22,000 liters of oil and 8 pallets of baby diapers.

The convoy called “BiH for Syria” is traveling to the Turkish-Syrian border where the aid will be distributed to the people in Syria and their refugee camps. Departing of the convoy was attended by Edin Ramic Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees of FBiH, Prime Minister of Canton Tuzla Bego Gutic, and Mufti of Tuzla Vahid ef. Fazlovic.

Minister Ramic expressed his gratitude to the MFS-EMMAUS with which, as he said, they already realized several joint projects and this is the first for help for refugees in Syria. Prime Minister Gutic said that the Government of Canton Tuzla provided funds for the transport of four trucks.

“I want to thank the MFS-EMMAUS on another successful humanitarian campaign. Who can understand the people of Syria better than us Bosniaks? Thank you all for participation,” said Gutic.

Like the previous time, the convoy to Syria will be accompanied by several employees, volunteers, director of the MFS-EMMAUS Hamzalija Okanovic, and several representatives of Mufti of Tuzla, which will stay on the Turkish-Syrian border until the 8th of April. The arrival of the convoy at the destination is expected on Wednesday, the 5th of April 2017.

“I want to thank the MFS-EMMAUS and many hard working people from this organization, led by the director Okanovic. They are a real example of readiness to take care of the needs of other people, and not only in our country but abroad as well. I also want to thank our imams and people from our dzemats, and all citizens who participated in this charity. This is one really important and big message from a small country, that all men should be brothers and sympathize with others because we all have the same needs,” said Mufti Fazlovic.

In the campaign of collecting the food aid and sanitary items intended for this convoy participated citizens of BiH together with majlises from the area of Tuzla Mufti Unit (MIZ Gradačac, MIZ Srebrenik, MIZ Bratunac, MIZ Odžak, MIZ Banovići, MIZ Gornja Tuzla, MIZ Čelić, MIZ Bijeljina, MIZ Teočak, MIZ Brčko, MIZ Srebrenica in cooperation with Youth Center Srebrenica, MIZ Kladanj, MIZ Lukavac, MIZ Janja, MIZ Modriča, MIZ Šamac, MIZ Vlasenica), Foundation Muharem Berbic, then companies and institutions such as DMDE Brijesnica United Ltd., Vegafruit Brijesnica Mala Ltd., CLK Interpromet Klokotnica, Zedina Klokotnica, Trgovir Ltd. Gracanica, Pjeskara Ltd. Dobosnica, Invest Gradnja Ltd., Municipality of Lukavac, Dzemat Mannheim Germany, while in the costs of transportation for 16 trucks mainly participated the Ministry of Refugees and Displaced Persons of FBiH and the Government of Canton Tuzla.

“We want to thank once again to all our citizens who participated in this humanitarian campaign in any way and we demonstrated once again our so many times proven humanity”, as announced from MFS-EMMAUS.

(Source: klix.ba)


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