Control of Passengers has been intensified at all border Crossings in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Due to the prevention of the spread of coronavirus, control of passengers and goods has been intensified at all border crossings in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but there are currently no longer retentions, according to BIHAMK.  All international border crossings with Serbia and Croatia are operational.

As of last night, the border crossings of Hum-Scepan Polje and Vitina-Sula were closed by the Border Police of Montenegro. BC Brcko-Gunja cannot be operated for buses or trucks, while BC Deleusa-Vracenovici is closed for traffic due to works.

Half-hour traffic stops due to remediation work are in effect from 7am to 4pm on the Jajce-Crna Rijeka highway in Ugarak.  Traffic stoppage due to remediation works is also in effect on the Black Rijeka-Mrkonjić Grad road section (Black Rijeka-Bjelajce section) from 5am to 3pm. Due to the works on rehabilitation of the Balkan tunnels on the Mrkonjic Grad-Jajce main road, between 8 am and 3 pm it will be operated one lane alternately.

Drivers are advised to drive cautiously at all sections and remind that winter gear is legally required.




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