Contracts for the Construction of Three Major Infrastructure Projects signed?

projectsMayor of the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo, Semir Efendic, signed the contracts for the construction of the separate drainage networks in the settlements Svrakino Selo and Aneks.

There are three major infrastructure projects with whose realization will be resolved long-standing problem of the citizens of these two local communities.

In Svrakino Selo will be built separate sewerage network in a length of 330 meters in Kodzina Street and Vejsila Curcica Street and in a length of 156 meters in Atifa Karalica-cikma Street.

Drainage network in a length of 564 meters will be done in Prnjavorska Street on Aneks, where the Municipality of Novi Grad made new fecal sewage system two years ago, which is associated with the construction of a school building on Aneks.

Now will be built another part of the network, which is a precondition for paving of this streets.

Director of the company “Bujice” Ahmed Boloban, which will work on the sewage network at Atifa Karalica-cikma Street, said that the company realized several projects in the area of Novi Grad, noting that this will also be done in a quality manner and according to the schedule.

A total of 468 000 BAM was allocated for those projects from the budget of the Municipality Novi Grad, as announced from this municipality.


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