Contract for the Construction of Electrical Substation in Wind Farm Podvelezje signed

April 16, 2018 1:00 PM

Realization of the project of wind farm Podvelezje is taking place in accordance with the dynamic plan, said Nermin Dzindic, the Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry of the FBiH.

“Realization of the wind farm Podvelezje is in accordance with the dynamic plan and we have no delays in the project so far. Access roads and plateau for installation are in the high stage of realization and we already realized two thirds of this contract. We signed the contract for the construction of the electrical substation and we are currently working on the implementation project. It is realistic to expect that works will be completed by the month of December next year,” said Minister Dzindic.

From the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry of the FBiH was noted that the realization of the project of the wind power plant Podvelezje will increase the share of production from renewable energy sources.

“More reliable supply of customers will be provided, while the work of the wind farm will not cause any harmful effects and emission of polluting particles into the air.  Financing of the reconstruction of local road communications, which is in the final stage, will represent the benefit for the local community,” as noted from the Ministry.

“Several local construction companies are working on the project. Most of them are from Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, and the engagement of companies from BiH is expected to be continued until the realization is entirely completed.

To recall, this wind farm will contain 15 wind aggregates, and the total power will be 48 MW, with an annual production of 120 GWh of electricity.



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