The Contract of Building 1000 Farms for Goats and Sheeps Signed

August 16, 2014 7:45 PM

POTPISAN UGOVOR O IZGRADNJI HILJADU FARMI KOZA I OVACAThe President of the Association of breeders of goats, sheep and other cattle “Tor” from Mostar, Dževad Kovač and the representative of the Turkish company Milksa from Bursa, Aybar Ulucka signed yesterday in Sarajevo the contract of implementing the project of building 1000 farms for goats and sheep.

“The preparation of the project lasted one year, and its implementation should start immediately.” – said Kovač.

“We expect that the implementation will go in the direction of empowering and developing the production in this sector with a good placement of products. We will produce all products of goat milk and meat.” – added Kovač.

He stated that a public notice/ call for applications related to the construction of these farms e.g. qualifying people will be published soon.

“This is a bright example of the foreign people who recognized that cattle-breeding is a priority in our country and who are willing to help us organize and make 1000 farms for goats and sheep. We hope that the authorities as well as farmers will recognize too that this is the project of the future because we need to ensure the opening of new working places and create new values.” – added Kovač.

The representative of the company Milksa, Aybar Ulucka pointed out that the social and economic importance of this project related to goat breeding in a family business and through franchise is really big for B&H.

“Around 7 500 people will get a job when the project finishes.” – said Ulucka and added that “the expected export is around 500 million BAM per year”.

“The partners of Milksa”, as he said, “are truly experienced in export and import of milk products, their production and franchise business.”

“Our goal is to make B&H famous in this sector all around the world.” – pointed out Aybar Ulucka.

He also stated that they are planning to build a factory for refinement of milk and production of cattle food.

(Source: Fena)


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