Continuation od Arrests in Case of Murder of Dzenan Memic

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has requested custody for Hasan Dupovac, the former head of the Traffic Department of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) Ministry of the Internal Affairs (MIA), and Zijad Mutap, the father of Alisa Mutap, Dzenan Memic’s ex-girlfriend. They were arrested on Monday on suspicion of impeding the investigation of the death of Dzenan Memic. The decision of the Court is expected within 24 hours. Yesterday, Muriz Memic submitted a request for the resignation of the chief cantonal prosecutor, Sabina Sarajlija.

The Prosecution suspects the cantonal MIA officer and father of Alisa Mutap, who was with Dzenan on the night when he suffered fatal injuries, for organized crime, more precisely for helping the perpetrator after committing the crime. This was confirmed by Zijad Mutap’s lawyer, Goran Dragovic.

”What is interesting, or may be interesting, is the fact that Mr. Mutap presented his defense, considering that he is of course one of the most interested people in finally resolving this case. So he did not use his legal right to defend himself by remaining silent,” said the lawyer Goran Dragovic. 

Detention was requested because of the danger that the suspects could obstruct the investigation, conceal evidence, and influence witnesses or accomplices. Muriz Memic, meanwhile, has submitted a request for the resignation of the chief cantonal prosecutor, Sabina Sarajlija. Memic and his lawyers claim that Sarajlija is only a part of the machinery in the cantonal Prosecutor’s Office that has been covering up Dzenan’s murder for almost five years.

”Surely, they will not react morally, but as we can see, the state Prosecutor’s Office has started with its procedures, we will let them work, they did it professionally and we will not interfere with that investigation. But people such as Sabina Sarajlija, Dalida Burzic, Vahid Cosic, show no morality. If they were moral they wouldn’t have put me in this situation, ” Muriz Memic said.

”We do not assume anyone’s guilt, but we demand that responsibility be established. By filing a false indictment, you have not reserved time that protects you from criminal prosecution,” as the lawyer Ifet Feraget stated.

The Chief Cantonal Prosecutor did not comment on the request for her resignation, as the proceeding is still pending. Among the citizens who gathered in front of the Prosecutor’s Office was Sead Marevac. Eight years ago, he lost his eleven-year-old son Hamza. He died in a car accident while crossing the street on the way to his school. According to his father, the accident was caused by the driver of a powerful man from Sarajevo. The court found the boy guilty, and the report of the accident was made by Hasan Dupovac.

”He made such a report that no one disproved. The Judge and everyone else told me that Mr. Dupovac is the main responsible person who signed it, ” Sead Marevac said.

An investigation by the State Prosecutor’s Office is an investigation of an investigation, more precisely, the way in which a judicial institution did its job. The circumstances due to which Dzenan Memic was killed have not been determined yet. Ljubo and Bekrija Seferovic, who were accused of causing a car accident in which Dzenan Memic was seriously injured, were twice released by the Sarajevo Cantonal Court. Traffic and medical experts determined that Dzenan’s injuries do not look like they were caused by the accident at all, but by hits with a blunt object. After an appeal by the Prosecution was made, the case was transferred to the Federal Supreme Court, which did not rule any decision for a year, BHRT writes.

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