Consumer Basket for August higher for 190 Euros

The silent rise in prices, almost daily, led to devastating statistics, according to which the monthly consumer basket for August cost as much as 2,370 BAM. This is as much as 372 BAM more than the consumer basket for the previous month.

According to the latest data released by the Federal Bureau of Statistics, the average salary paid in the Federation of BiH in June was 911, which is 27 BAM lower than the average in May.

The union, as stated, took into account the 911 BAM in the calculation of the consumer basket and calculated what and, as a minimum, the family of four needed. Of course, the figure is well past the average.

Four-member family for food needs 838 BAM, another 311 for housing and utilities and 300 for clothing and footwear …

Zehra Hadzic, president of the Una-Sana Canton Elementary Education Union, told us that her three-member family has a total monthly income of about 2,200 BAM.

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