Consumer Basket for April amounts to almost 2,000 BAM


The consumer basket calculated by the Union of Independent Trade Unions of Bosnia and Herzegovina for April 2020 amounts to 1,987.72 BAM and is 248 BAM cheaper than the consumer basket for the previous month.

The Trade Union reminds that the average salary paid in the Federation of BiH in February this year amounted to 934 BAM and is 24 BAM lower than the average salary paid in January 2020.

Union Consumer Basket coverage with an average salary is 46.98 percent.

When making the Trade Union Consumer Basket, the average salary paid in the Federation of BiH was taken into account, as well as the minimum living costs of a family of four consisting of two adults and two children, one of whom is in high school and the other in primary school.

The consumer basket consists of the following categories: nutrition – 46.2 percent, housing and utilities – 17.7 percent, hygiene and health maintenance – 10.4 percent, education and culture – 2.5 percent, clothing and footwear – 10.1 percent , transportation – 5.6 percent, and household maintenance – 7.5 percent.

In the food category, prices from three shopping centers were used for 82 items. As for hygiene and maintenance of health, the costs for 12 items are included, while for housing and utilities the costs are for six items.

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