Consultations With Civil Society On IPA II Assistance 2014-2020

1395995_712002338828859_1163578055_nRepresentatives of more than 50 civil society organizations gathered today in the building of the B&H Parliamentary Assembly at the Forum for Consultations With Civil Society on IPA II Assistance (2014-2020), organize by the Office of the State Coordinator for IPA Funds.

According to the Head of the Office in the Sector for EU Coordination Midhat Džemić, one of the important characteristics of IPA II assistance is the request of the European Commission for sector planning and the development of sector strategies that would enable the use of IPA funds.

In this context, one of the tasks of the State IPA Coordinator is to organize consultations with relevant ministries and othe partners in the country, which includes civil society.

Džemić said that the office of the State IPA Coordinator is preparing to establish an institutional mechanism that would facilitate consultations with civil society in the use of EU assistance.

(Source: Fena)

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