Construction of the University Library in Sarajevo starts in Autumn

The construction of the University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has long been awaited, and should start at the end of this year. As confirmed by Adnan Pasic, the project’s original creator and professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo, an implementation project for the construction and equipping of the library will be completed by April.

“We will have a completed implementation project by April, and after that we will prepare tender documentation that will be used to choose a construction company at an international competition. Due to all the procedures and specifics of BiH, we expect that by the end of the year we will choose the contractor for building the University Library and start with the project implementation. If everything goes according to the plan, the works on the library construction will start in the autumn and will last for at least two years, “ Pasic said.

He emphasized that the library was conceptually based on the application of modern librarian architectural achievements. The library will consist of two basic units – one will be a reading room with book depots, and the other one will be consisted of accompanying facilities, librarian space and the University Information Technology Center.

“The library should be located within a park created location. The reading room block will have a double glazed facade and will be surrounded by deciduous trees, so the seasonal changes will have impact on the ambient effects as well. Also, we have the specificity of the roof which consists of pyramidal elements that also have a certain the amount of zenithal illumination for the inner space of the reading room, “ he said.

The University Library of BiH will be located at the University Campus in Sarajevo, and will be the first newly built facility in this location.

The construction of the University Library will be financed by the Saudi Development Fund of 17 million dollars, the state of BiH and Canton Sarajevo with 4 million dollars.



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