Construction of Tourist Complex possible in Visoko?

VilandIn the past 10 months, the team of experts from BiH, Slovenia, and Croatia conceived the appearance and content of a unique project, which would be attractive for both domestic and foreign tourists.

The project would significantly improve the tourist offer of BiH, and it would also represent a great impetus to the development of tourism in Visoko and surrounding area.

“We created a variety of modern and compatible facilities that offer the possibility of excursions, weekend and residence tourism, such as luxury tents and wooden houses around a bio lake and trees, the hotel and spa with indoor gardens and the Center for Healthcare, a scouting area with the tents, a bio lake, a camping area, picnic area and adventure park with a zip line,” as said in the statements from Viland team.

There would be also bike trails for children, football and multisport fields with supporting facilities, street workout and outdoor fitness, mountaineering, indoor and outdoor playgrounds for children, as well as indoor and outdoor multifunctional premises for organizing social, cultural and sporting events – concerts, exhibitions, team building meetings, space for lectures, presentations, wedding halls, silent disco, bowling, badminton, squash and many others contents.

There should be also an outdoor market, a closed market with a food court as well as numerous restaurants and shopping areas.

“For the process of implementation of this project, as well as the functioning itself, a synergy and long-term cooperation between our team, local communities and small businesses are necessary which, we hope, will result in unique tourist product. With the recognition of the importance of the development of tourism and quality tourist services, and considering the potential of BiH, Viland Resort will be only one of the projects that Viland Group is planning to develop within the tourism sector,” as stated by this team.


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