Construction of a Sports Center with Terrains and a Hotel planned in Trnovo?

August 22, 2017 12:15 PM

The construction of the Sports Center Trnovo is planned in the area of the Municipality Trnovo, for which was published the Decision on the Amendments to the Decision on the Accession to the Urban Planning at the beginning of the month in the Official Gazette of Canton Sarajevo.

According to this Decision, the future Sports Center should include outdoor sports terrains: the main football field (dimensions according to FIFA and IFAB rules), football field (covered with a balloon), two fields for mini football (dimensions according to FIBA rules), basketball field (dimensions according to FIBA rules), handball field (dimensions according to IHF rules), volleyball field (dimensions according to FIVB rules), and universal terrain.

The sports hall should have a capacity of up to 500 places with accompanying facilities that are in the function of training athlete program.

Within the project is also planned the construction of a hotel with capacity of approximately 90 beds that fulfills the basic purpose of the sports center – a stay for athletes, and it includes meeting room/room for planning, multi-purpose room for conference, education etc., multipurpose room for rest/gathering/entertainment, fitness and spa center, gym, sauna, bowling alley, sports equipment storage room, ambulance / pharmacy, an administrative part for municipal needs, a center for management, etc.

According to the spatial possibilities, besides the sports hotel and the sports hall, as stated in the amendments to the Decision, it is necessary to plan other accommodation facilities intended for tourists (hostel, mountain student home, apartments etc.) with accompanying catering and tourist facilities for commercial purposes (catering, sports-recreational-entertainment, cultural-artistic-educational, health-recreational, service, etc.), all in the function of sports and recreational use.

According to the Decision, the future Sports Center should be used both in the summer and winter period.



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