Construction of a Solar Power Plant to take place in Ljubinje soon?

A solar power plant of 80 megawatts worth 72,000,000 EUR should be constructed soon in Ljubinje, and with its realization, an additional 400,000 BAM will be provided on the annual level for the budget of this municipality, said the Mayor of Ljubinje Darko Krunic.

He said that the project is finalized and all the necessary documentation was collected and that the Government of Republika Srpska and the Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Mining are waiting for the tender.

Krunic noted that the construction of a solar power plant should start as soon as the tender is completed and the deadline for completion of works is two years.

The solar power plant will be constructed at the exit from Ljubinje towards Stolac.

Krunic noted that the project will be fully financed by the Austrian company and that experts from that country already visited Ljubinje.

“They are safe investors who are not asking for any incentive from the government and they have a guaranteed sale of electricity that they would produce,” stated Krunic.

He added that the realization of this project will mean a lot to Ljubinje and it will solve numerous problems of this poor municipality in Herzegovina.


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