Construction of Block 7 of TPP Tuzla to start in September?

Despite the fact that operating lifetime of Blocks 3 and 4 in TPP Tuzla is expired, they are still working since the construction of the announced Block 7 has not started yet. After the collection of all the necessary permits that lasted for several months, PE Elektroprivreda BiH completed its part of the work and now they are waiting for the Government of FBiH to give the approval on guaranty agreements and a contract on credit line and to submit them to the council on the state-level.

The Agreement on Project Cooperation and the Agreement on the Construction of Block 7 were signed back in August 2014, and agreements on project partnership and credit line between PE Elektroprivreda BiH and the Export-Import Bank of China were signed three years later. Furthermore, the Team for Negotiation, which was appointed by the Government of FBiH continued with activities on harmonizing text of the guarantee of the FBiH and other financial documents.

Senad Salkic, the Executive Director for Capital Investments of PE Elektroprivreda BiH, noted that Elektroprivreda BiH completed all of the previous activities, received the necessary permits, and the construction of Block 7 of 450 MW in TPP Tuzla can start when the EPC agreement and the Agreement of Credit Line become effective. The planned annual production of this plant amounts to 2,739.81 GWh of electric and 390.9 GWh of thermal energy. The deadline for its construction is 56 months.

The existing blocks were constructed long time ago, but the reconstruction and other works on their improvement were adopted after the war. Block 3 with 100 MW was constructed in 1966, Block 4 of 200 MW was constructed in 1971, Block 5 of 200 MW in 1974 and Block 6 of 215 MW in 1978. The lifetime of a single plant is maximum 40 years, i.e. 25 years since its official putting into operation and 15 years after the reconstruction.

The modernization and revitalization of Block 3 and Block 4 was done after the war, and the revitalization and the expansion of Block 6 were conducted as well. According to former director of TPP Elektroprivreda Amer Jerlagic, Block 3 should already be put out of operation, Block 4 should be put out of operation this year, but it will work until 2020, Block 5 should be put out of operation in 2022 or 2023 and Block 6 in the year of 2027. However, their operation will most probably be extended for the period of two to three years.

In case that the construction of Block 7 starts in September this year, it would be completed in March or April 2022. After that will follow a trial period. If everything goes as planned, the plant should be put into operation in the year of 2023.

PE Elektroprivreda BiH is also working on the project of Block 8 of TPP Kakanj. To recall, Block 1, 2, 3 and 4 were put out of operation, Block 5 should be put out of operation next year, Block 6 in the year of 2027, and Block 7 in the year of 2030.

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