Construction of 50 Million BAM worth Project to begin soon in Tuzla

The beginning of the first phase of the construction of the residential and business complex Bukovcici Tuzla above the Pannonian Lakes is in the fall of 2021, writes Indikator.

The residential and business complex will be located in Tuzla settlement and will cover an area of ​​20,000 square meters.

Urban villas will turn into small houses on the lower or upper side of the slope. What characterizes this complex are the hotel, a public building, the mandatory restaurant with open terraces, relaxation area, SPA center and swimming pool.

The hotel building is located in such a place that it clearly defines and demarcates the public part of the complex and the residential part of the complex and this is where the pedestrian settlement road begins.

The whole complex is conceived as a place where users coexist with nature and complement each other. Mandatory facilities are a kindergarten for children, a supermarket, a polyclinic, a pharmacy, a bakery, a coffee bar, tennis courts, a basketball court and the like.

The project’s worth is 50 million BAM.

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