Construction of a New Heating Plant started in Banja Luka

building1Preparatory works on the construction of a new heating plant in Banja Luka, which should provide more stable and better quality heating, have started.

The new heating plant is being constructed on a piece of land near the existing heating plant.

Minister of Physical Planning, Construction and the Environment of the RS, Srebrenka Golic, handed the construction permit for preparatory works for the construction of the eco-heating plant in Banja Luka to the Mayor Igor Radojicic.

The deadline for completion of all works is 7 months after the beginning of works, considering that construction should be modular and part of the capacities should be usable even earlier. I hope that part of them could be used during the next heating season. Until the installation is completed, the old heating plant is obliged to provide heating,” stated Radojicic.

He also added that the way of determining the price will be defined by the new agreement and that nothing will be significantly changed.

“Price for consumers who are paying the heating per square meter will not be changed, it will remain the same, but we will have to change the tariff system for consumers who are using calorimeters, because of standard, or   the fixed and variable part,” said Radojicic.


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