The Construction of a New Heating Plant in Banja Luka to start soon?

power plantsThe Mayor Igor Radojicic and the Deputy Mayor Srdjan Amidzic announced the beginning of the construction of a new heating plant in Banja Luka on the occasion of the second extraordinary session of the Assembly of Banja Luka, at which should be decided on the topic of establishment of the new company Eko toplane (Eco heating plant) Banja Luka.

Radojicic emphasized that the establishment of a new company and the construction of a new heating plant would solve the long-term issue of heating in Banja Luka.

“With this, the city should ensure around 15 million BAM of investment that would be returned in about 8 years. On the other side, citizens can expect safe heating 24 hours a day at the same price per square meter as before. The emission of harmful particles with the heating on biomass is much less in comparison with the heating on fuel oil and all environmental studies are very clear regarding this issue, thus we will have a heating plant which is polluting much less than the existing one that is using crude oil,” explained Radojicic.

Radojicic also stated that the money for this energy source was going out of the RS and BiH, since crude oil is imported, while now all the money will stay here, in the local market.

“We have positive examples of this type of heating in Prijedor and Gradiska, as well as in our city, or heating plants Starcevica and Kocicev vijenac. The choice of a biomass heating plant is a logical choice, in order to raise the quality of heating to a higher level. With this, we are increasing the energy sovereignty of the city, because we have an energy source that is right there at our disposal,” noted Amidzic and recalled that the EU exported 400,000 cubic meters of wood in 2016, which means that the EU countries were heating on an inexpensive energy source and Banja Luka was heating on expensive imported crude oil.”

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