Construction of Hydropower Plant Bočac 2 worth 40 Million BAM commenced

hydropower-plant-bocac-2The first concrete for the new hydropower plant Bočac 2 was poured yesterday on the Vrbas River. The project which was made in the 1980s is finally being implemented.

The investment is worth around 40 million BAM and the construction is planned to be finished next year.

Construction of this hydropower plant will have multiple significance for the economy of the Mrkonjić Grad Municipality, as well as for the entire system of Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske.

In the western part of Republika Srpska around 50 percent of electricity from the system of Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske is spent, and only five percent of electricity is produced. Construction of this hydropower plant will create conditions for more stable electricity supply of the western part of Republika Srpska.

Hydropower plant Bočac, in whose complex the power plant Bočac 2 will be constructed, has the installed power of 110 megawatts and projected annual production of 307.5 GwH.

Hydropower plant Bočac was put into operation on December 5, 1981.


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