Construction of a Hostel planned at Rama Lake

Rama Lake, which is unique for its beauty in the entire Europe, is a real pearl of the Municipality of Prozor/Rama, as well as entire BiH. Although it was artificially formed, by flooding the basin of Rama River, the view of Rama Lake seems unrealistic and leaves everyone breathless.

In the Municipality of Prozor/Rama are aware of the potential of this lake, which is why they started many projects in the last few years with the aim to enrich the tourist offer and contents of Rama Lake. The Rowing Center was opened, and it hosted numerous foreign teams fo far, and the construction of a hostel is planned in this center as well.

“The municipality applied for a cross-border cooperation project with the IPA Fund, and most likely we will receive funds that we will spend on the construction of a hostel and accompanying contents. We are well aware that our biggest problem is the lack of accommodation capacities, which is why tourists stay only for a short period of time,” said Danijel Burecic, the Coordinator for Tourism of the Local Development Agency.

“We are planning to arrange several places on the coast in order to make the lake more accessible for swimmers. More and more guests are coming to Rama Lake from year to year. Besides rowers and fishermen, there are also weekend guests or campers, and most of them are from Sarajevo,” added Burecic.


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