The Construction of a Fast Road through Central BiH to start this Summer?

roadThe construction of the fast road Lasva – Nevic polje (Travnik) should start this summer and in reverse order, i.e. from Nevic Polje to Lasva, as reported by Biznis Info.

This was confirmed by Adnan Terzic, director of the PE Highways of FBiH, and he noted that the new plan, which would relieve traffic congestion through Nevic Polje, Nova Bila, and Vitez, was proposed to the Government of the FBiH.

This is the first, a total of 23.6 kilometers long section, whose value is estimated at 183 million EUR, and it is expected that the Government of BiH, as soon they get the money from the clearing debt from Russia, transfers the money to PE Highways of FBiH in the amount of 120 million BAM, as the Prime Minister Fadil Novalic promised in February this year.

“We made a shift in the construction plan because we realized that the first section, in the way that it was originally conceived, was designed for much larger capacities and more tunnels and viaducts are planned to be constructed on it, which would require a lot more money, as well as time. We realized that on the section from Nevic Polje, on the reverse option, we do not have large facilities, and it would relieve traffic congestions,” said Terzic.

He also added that, according to the new construction plan, more kilometers of the fast road would be constructed.

“There are no tunnels or viaducts, nor large and demanding objects in this section. With the construction, we would avoid the large congestion at this section and construct a fast road from the funds that we received. We are ready. We believe that this way is much more efficient,” noted Terzic.

At this section is planned complete construction of Lasva loop, with two separate tracks, each with two traffic lanes. For the expropriation of land were allocated funds in the amount of 40 million BAM, and it is necessary to remove a total of 124 objects from it. According to the new plan, the construction of the loop would be done at the very end.


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