With the Construction of the Faculty in Capljina want to create Better Conditions for Staying of Youth

CapljinaLocated on the cross roads of the Adriatic Sea, the Municipality of Capljina has all the preconditions for the development of agriculture and tourism as the main economic sectors in Herzegovina. From the Municipality of Capljina emphasize that they are planning to establish the Faculty of agriculture and tourism in the future, in order to keep young people in the region.

“Young people in Capljina should be included in social life, as well as in politics, which can help them to change things that they are not satisfied with. We are planning to establish the Faculty for agriculture and tourism because we have communication and infrastructure connections with the mountains and sea. This kind of move would strengthen towns like Capljina, which has almost 30,000 citizens and young people would not be concentrated only on Sarajevo or Mostar,” said the Assistant of the Mayor for Social Affairs and the Rights of Defenders of Capljina municipality, Zeljko Bonic.

In the immediate vicinity of the town of Capljina is located Mogorjelo, one of the most important monuments of the Roman era in BiH, and these are the remains of the fortified villa of the early 4th century, although there was an agricultural estate with residential buildings, warehouses and gadgets for processing agricultural products.

Gabela is a national monument, a rich archeological site on the right bank of the Neretva River, about 5 kilometers south of the city. Because of its strategic location, Gabela was populated in Roman times as well, from which are left the remains of brick factory and commercial buildings on the periphery of the town. Gabela was a large trading center from the 15th to the 18th century, but also an important strategic fortress on Venetian-Turkish border.

“Pocitelj is a small stone town located next to the main road Sarajevo-Mostar-Capljina, around 3 kilometers north from Capljina. The town is dominated by oriental building styles that blend with the Mediterranean style and give a special dimension to Pocitelj.

“The Municipality of Capljina initiated the idea of establishing a company that will take care and protect Pocitelj, and to invest in progress and development of tourism. This is a city that is located on four rivers: Neretva, Trebizat, Bregava and Krupa, and we are very well connected with major cities,” added Bonic.

Capljina represents an area with outstanding natural values, and it includes a number of tourist facilities, attractions and manifestations (photo safari, canoeing safari, recreational horse riding, bird watching, Capljina summer festival, art colonies, summer and winter carnival and more. By turning the tourism offer of Capljina in a recognizable tourism product, a brand, Capljina can become a real tourist destination where tourists will stay longer and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes, tourist attractions, cuisine and hospitality of the people.

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