Construction of Buroj Ozone to decrease Unemployment Rate by 10 percent?

burojCornerstone for the tourist complex Buroj Ozone in Trnovo will be placed by the end of August and Municipality of Trnovo and the investment company Buroj International Group from Dubai have shared responsibilities when it comes to construction. Owner of the investment company Ismail Ahmed said that nine million EUR have already been invested and that this project will decrease unemployment rate in BiH.

There are many plans that the group Buroj Properties Development intends to implement at the territory of BiH, and construction of the tourist complex in Trnovo is being prepared for two years and project is in final stage. Necessary documents will be collected next week and the remaining money will be paid to the residents of Trnovo who sold their property to the investors.

Ismail Ahmed believes that implementation of this project will mean a lot for the economic sector in BiH. He added that the tourist complex will be unlike any other complex in the world and that it will attract investments worth billions of EUR.

“We want to promote BiH in the world, because there are people who never hear od this country. That is a country that should succeed because it is the heart of Europe and its name should be known. The project will definitely decrease unemployment by ten to fifteen percent, given that people from BiH will be hired in Buroj Ozone. Since we got here, we have the support of authorities who want the project to succeed. Many people were skeptical, but Mayor of the Trnovo Municipality Ibro Berilo believed in my vision,” Ismail added.

Mayor Berilo said that he held a meeting with investors and that jurisdictions about construction will be divided in the following period, due to his election campaign.

Director of the investment company especially highlighted that BiH is a very dear country to him and he expressed great hope that the project of the tourist town in Trnovo will succeed.

“I came here with a goal that I intend to achieve. Nature and polite people left a special impression on me. You are not aware of the potential you have, and we want to strengthen the economy and bring some positive changes into the society. I want people to be proud of coming from BiH, especially when it becomes a brand,” said Ahmed Ismail.

Buroj Ozone will be built at the altitude twice higher than the currently the highest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It will include restaurants, hotels, a hospital, fountains and a cable car. It will be located 20 minutes from the airport and 25 to 30 minutes from the city center. Estimated value of the project is 4.5 billion BAM.



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