The Construction of 49 kilometers of Highway to start in 2018

PE Highways of the FBiH are planning to start with the construction of 49 kilometers of highway in 2018, and that will also include about 450 million EUR of activated funds, according to the director of this company, Adnan Terzic.

New kilometers will be constructed on the part from Nemila to Donja Gracanica and on the sections Buna – Kvanj and Pocitelj – Zvirovici.

Terzic explained that about one billion EUR worth investment cycle was opened with the adoption of the Law on Excises, of which 500 million EUR from the EBRD, and all the funds required for the construction of the aforementioned 49 kilometers of highway will be allocated from these funds.

When it comes to the section Pocitelj-Zvirovici, considering that the European Investment Bank (EIB) requested from the PE Highways of the FBiH to repeat the process of awarding the contract on the construction of this section, he noted that section Pocitelj-Zvirovici will be constructed “regardless of how hard someone tries to stop this project.”

“The Bank sent the letter and requested the process of awarding the contract to be repeated, and we will do it,” noted Terzic, and added that the Bank believes that the procurement process was violated due to the release of confidential information in certain media.

Terzic repeated that he will accept all the requests of EIB, including the engagement of an expert who will assist the Highways of FBiH during the repeated procedure at the expense of the Bank.

When it comes to the activities in the previous period, Terzic stated that 10 kilometers of the highway Svilaj – Odzak have been completed, and they are working on two projects on the detour around Zenica in the length of 7.5 kilometers.



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